Are We Slaves to the Corporations? Sylvester J. McBride.

Are We Slaves to the Corporations?

Chicago: Socialist Party of America, n.d. [ca. 1929]. Single sheet, 9 inches x 6 inches (230 x 150 mm) when folded to create [4] pages. The author, a Boston socialist, decries the stranglehold that corporations have on American life. "These giant corporations, in attaining their present domination, have proved to the most unscrupulous gang of racketeers in the history of the human race." Plenty more in the same vein, with references to an "orgy of capitalistic robbery," and the like. As for solutions, McBride favors public ownership of factories, railroads, and natural resources. He ends by calling on readers to join the Socialist Party. The pamphlet doesn't contain the year of publication but states on the first page: "An amazing situation faces the people of the United States in the thirtieth year of the Twentieth Century." Therefore, 1929, before the onset of the Depression. Not in the standard bibliography on American socialism, Egbert and Persons. Sylvester J. McBride (d.1938) was a leader of the Socialist Party in Boston and a president of the Boston Typographical Union. He was active in Socialist politics and ran for a number of Massachusetts state offices on the Socialist ticket. (Obituary, The New York Times, November 3, 1938, page 23.) SCARCE. #101502. Item #1502

CONDITION: Slight toning, outer page edges a big ragged. A Very Good copy of a fragile publication.

Price: $50.00

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